E-Service Address: efiling@sa14.fl.gov
The above email address is the official E-Service address for the Office of the State Attorney, 14th Judicial Circuit and should be used for all service of court documents when an Assistant State Attorney has not been assigned to the case that you are filing on. All other E-Service should be sent directly to the attorney assigned to that case.

When composing your email, please ensure that the subject contains the phrase, "SERVICE OF COURT DOCUMENT" followed by the case number associated with the filed document. The body of the email should contain the following:

  • Court (Ex. "Fourteenth Judicial Circuit in and for Bay County, Florida")
  • Case Number (Ex. "032013CFXXXXXXXXXXXX")
  • Case Style (Ex. "STATE OF FLORIDA vs. DOE, JOHN")
  • Document Title (Ex. "Discovery Exhibit")
  • Filer Name and Contact Number (Ex. "John Smith - (123) 456-7890")

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our E-Service policies and procedures, please contact us.
Steven Haglund
Phone: (850) 872-4473 Ext. 109
Email: Steven.Haglund@sa14.fl.gov